The Walk 365

Genesis: First Book of the Torah

February 07, 2021 Richie Carter & Michael Massey Season 1 Episode 1
The Walk 365
Genesis: First Book of the Torah
Show Notes

While studying the Book of Genesis, we were able to break it up into 8 sections: 4 Key Events and 4 Key People.  The 4 Key Events are: 

  • The Creation
  • The Fall
  • The Flood
  • The Nations 

The 4 Key People are: 

  • Abraham (father)
  • Isaac (son)
  • Jacob (grandson)
  • Joseph (great grandson)

Genesis is a book of beginnings, believed to have been written by Moses.

Throughout Genesis, God honors His word by granting second chances for sinful choices and by preserving His promise using unlikely people in unexpected places.  You're never too far away from Him to let Him work into your life and change things for the better.  He loves you and truly cares for you.

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