The Walk 365

Psalms: Wisdom Literature, Two of Five

November 22, 2021 Richie Carter & Michael Massey Season 3 Episode 2
The Walk 365
Psalms: Wisdom Literature, Two of Five
Show Notes

We've made it to our Third Season, The Wisdom Books of the Bible.

In this episode, we studied the Book of Psalms.  Since this is such a unique book, we did things a little different.   This book has 5 sections:
(1-41) – Book 1
(42-72) - Book 2
(73-89) – Book 3
(90-106) - Book 4
(107-150) - Book 5

There wee many authors of this book that were written throughout the entire Old Testament.  The audience varied based on the timeframe of that author.  But this book is a collection of prayers & praises towards God. 

The book of Psalms not only speaks to us... it speaks for us, answering to our every mood and stage of our spiritual development.

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